Tulwang and An-Balkûmagân

An-Balkûmagân (Q."Ciryatanórë") owed it's name to Ar-Balkûmagân, for it was originally established in the Second Age (1904) as a Númenórean colony. Ciryamir, the original founder of the domain, was the cousin of Mûrazôr (the future Witch-king) and the father of his successor, Khôrahil (another future Úlair). Bewitched by his vile son, he committed suicide in S.A. 1918. Khôrahil ascended the throne on the first day of the next year. He subsequently conquered a vast portion of southern Middle-Earth. After accepting a Ring of Power in S.A. 2000, he broadened his hold, only to run afoul of his Númenórean liege (Tar-Ancalimon).

An-Balkûmagân was situated north of the Ûrîd Pharazâin and east of Tulwang, some 200 miles inland from the southern Belegaer. Mârath Kharadûnê, the "Tower of Red Sunset" (Q. "Marto Carnëandúnë"), served as its traditional capital.



Ashatur Balakhurush Curinshiban Kurryan Bay Seznebab Zajantak

Settlements and places of Note:

Abârrûkh Adûn-Tarîk Arhazûn-Tarîk Marath Kharadûne Bâtan-Urîd Kadar an-Kharadûn Mûmakil Cemetary Zadan an-Adûn


It is highly unlikely that the inhabitants of Ciryatandor used this term for their homeland due to the tendecy of the Kingsmen to avoid the elven tongues.The Name Ciryatandor perhaps must be taken as an invention of gondorian Loremasters for this almost unknown coutry far to the south, this might also explain the incorrect form Ciryatandor to appear in many documents since knowledge and use of the Quenya had dwindled in the late third Age. Since Tar-Ciryatan´s Adûnaic name was Ar-Balkumagân, Ciryatandor´s actual adûnaic name might have been thâni anBalkumagân or Balkumagânzâyan.However Hands of the Healer gives an alternate name of the country as Anbalukkhôr, maybe a corrupted Form from Ansith, the common speech of Far-Harad?However as an Adûnaic male name Balûkkhôr is equivalent to Quenya Ciryaher, not Ciryatan.


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