Amrod (S."Upwards Exalted"; Q."Ambarto") was Noldo Elf of the House of Feanor. The twin brother of Amras, he was one of Feanor's youngest and most even-tempered sons.

Ambarto was the Quenya mother-name given to Amrod. Initially, both twins were called Ambarussa, so their father insisted on having different names. Nerdanel changed one of the names, without clearly deciding which, to Umbarto, which meant "the fated". Because of its meaning, Fëanor had quickly urged Nerdanel to change it to Ambarto.

When his brothers Maedhros and Maglor attacked the Sindar in Falas in hope of recovering Beren's Silmaril, Amras joined them in the assault on the Havens of Sirion. There, Amrod died beside his twin. The brothers were unusually tall (7'0!t) as was normally the case of the great Noldo princes, and were nobly handsome with both having inherited the red-blonde hair of their mother Nerdanel, which was a rare treat among the Eldar.


-copper-red hair, a bit darker than his brother Amras


  • Amarthan (Sindarin form of Ambarto)
  • Ambarto
  • Ambarussa (Mother-name)
  • Atyarussa (Nickname)
  • Minyarussa (Nickname)
  • Telufinwë (father-name)
  • Telvo (Nickname)
  • Umbarto (Mother-name)


  • Armour - coat of mail
  • Clad in white and gold
  • fell sword of tempered Noldo-steel
  • tall helm with plume of red


  • The word Ambarto is translated as "Upwards-exalted", being composed from amba = "upwards, top" and arta = "exalted".


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