• Type: Hill.
  • Elevation: 4,290 feet.
  • Geographic Area: Gondor.

Amon Gaerrych (S."Hill of Seals") was a small islet opposite the cliffs of Ras Morthil in Andrast, formerly lowest peak in the highlands of Cape Andrast, which formed a headland overlooking the Bay of Belfalas. The islet was so called because it was frequented by seals, which frequently sunned themselves on the exposed rock slopes, and was an important navigational reference point for captains attempting to negotiate the perilous waters of the cape. The narrow straight between Amon Gaerrych and Ras Morthil was, in fact, one of the few safe passages into the Ulond and many ship captains preferred to brave it, rather than face the deadly shoals that extended west of Amon Gaerrych.

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