Dol Ereb

Between Ramdal and Gelion there stood a single hill of great extent and gentle slopes, but seeming mightier than it was, for it stood alone; and that hill was named Amon Ereb (S. "Solitary Mountain", Os. "Ambon Eri", Q. "Ndôla Erya"), highest hill in southern Forlindon. It was here that Denethor, the first and last Laegrin prince, was killed.Later, the hill came into the dominion of the sons of Feanor. The hill was extensively fortified during the wars with Morgoth; the remains of ditches, walls and tunnels criss-crossed the prominence, built after the Fourth Battle (or Dagor Bragollach). Caranthir then took up the watch from here, warding Ossiriand and allying with the Green-elves. Here Caranthir and Uldor mustered their host before the battle of Nirnaeth Arnoediad. The Elves upon Amon Ereb were not overthrown, and it remained a refuge against the Dark Enemy.At the close of the First Age Elros led the Edain to this hill to outwait the rising waters. The tower of Car Sidh (S. House of Peace) later rose at its summit. In the Third Age the lady of the tower was Rhiannon, a Mithren noble. The house received its name from its patronage of the largest house of Eldarin healers in Forlindon. It was founded with the aid of Nestador, now the head of the distant northern haven of Cuviemar. About two hundred Elves resided here in the mid-Third Age.

Places of Note

Car Sidh Caranthir's Watch Maedhros' Seat


Amras Elros Tar-Minyatur Maedhros Caranthir the Dark Celegorm the Fair Curufin Maglor Nestador Rhiannon Uldor the Accursed


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