Amazôn (Am.: "Isle of Fate") was an island along the eastern coasts of the Utter South of Middle-earth. It was home to the Amazôn-Women, a people claiming to be of Númenórean descent.

On the opposite shore of the Bay of Ormal, in the vicinity of the Ivory Coast, lay the island that was called Amazôn by the Numenorean explorers, and whose history was always closely tied to that of Arthanor.

The crews of the fortified supply havens built on rocky shores of Amazôn by Tar-Ciryatan and his successors had also settled the interior of the island, much greener and more fertile than the coasts. When Anorion arrived and the kingdom of Arthanor was established some of the Númenoreans who came with him moved to the island, where was at that time built its only port, Bôrlôni ("Sarlondë"). However, the population on Amazôn was never numerous, and many wise men from Arthanor moved there to seek reclusion, building their small havens and towers in which they established small schools, libraries and research laboratories. In contrast to their cousins in Arthanor, the people of Amazôn had retained much Númenorean culture and way of life, as well as the purity, mingling with surrounding peoples only slightly.

Amazôn had no king; instead the wise men took the model of the Valar and established the Ring of Judgment, consisting of nine Men and Women of all classes -- wise men and magicians, warriors, mariners, craftsmen and others. There were relatively few warriors on the island, but they were fierce and skillful, so that Amazôn's unit send as a support to the wars of Arthanor against the Sauron's armies was the one which gave the Enemy the most trouble. In that unit, which was unheard of in other lands, there were almost as many women as there were men.

When the Wizards came to the Middle-earth about 1000 T.A., their interest was naturally directed -- besides Gondor and the Dúnedain -- towards traditions of Arthanor and Amazôn, especially the schools and laboratories of the island. Saruman and Gandalf had both had visited the island, each at his own time, teaching the wise men there many new skills and lore, and the latter even became known as Incánus, the Lord of Wisdom. However, the Wizard who was the most frequent visitor there was Morinehtar, one of the Blue Wizards, who took abode in Arthanor in the early days after his arrival. After the Sauron's army overran the kingdom he escaped to Amazôn, and was one of the main reasons why the Enemy's fleet failed to conquer the island.

Places of Note

Amazôn-Kadar Morinehtar's Hill Bôrlôni


Original forms used by Incanus: Sarnlond

However the Faithful would have used a Quenya form, in later times an Adûnaic/Haradron polyglot name seems more likely.


Inspired by Incanus Ennorath (archived, latest available)

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