Alquawen of Caras Fornen was an arrogant and shrewish Noble-lady of Arthedain and the fiance of King Arvegil.She was a Dúnadan Princess and the young daughter of the Lord of Caras Fornen.Her blood was pure Dunedain, which explained her noble bearing and imposing features as she stood, 5’11” had black hair and a fair complexion.She grew up to be rather spoiled and had a fiery temper, a wicked tongue a general disdain for “lesser Men”. In TA 1670 Alquawen was kidnapped by servants of Broggha of Rhudaur who wanted to use her to bribe his adversary.However she could be rescued by a band of Arthadan loyalists and was betrothed to Arveleg in the year of his ascend to the Throne.She later became the Mother of Argeleb II and was adored by her people as a beautiful Singer.



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