Alqualondë (Q.: "swan-haven") is a city and port in Eldamar on the coast north of the Calacirya, built by the Falmari when they came to Aman.  Olwë was its lord.  The harbor of Alqualondë was entered through a great natural arch.

Alqualondë was the site of the First Kinslaying.

Places of Note:

  • Great Arch of living rock
  • The Havens
    • Arch of Swans
    • Basin of silent Waters
    • Lamps of the Swan-haven
    • Piers and Runways
  • Houses of Pearl
    • Halls of Olwe
  • High Cliffs
  • Narrow Path
  • Ring of golden Lights
  • Serpentine Stairs
  • Strand Cottages


Ainairos Akairos Eärwen Ellu Melemno Elulindo Gilfanon of Alqualonde Ivare Olwe


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