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Aldawen (Q.:"Tree-maiden") was an elf-maid of Lothlórien. When the Fellowship of the Ring visited Lórien they heard her sweet voice singing as they camped beneath her Talan.

As Legolas II Greenleaf was present, she eventually fell in love with him at first sight and, not knowing if he would ever return from his perilous journey, offered him an elanor crown as token of her love.

In the early Fourth Age she moved to the forests of Ithilien where a new Elven colony was founded. Though she and Legolas eventually married it is unknown if she left Middle-earth and joined her husband in his final travel to the Immortal Lands or if she remained in the Great Lands, embracing the fading of Elves.

Other Names

  • Celebrithil
  • Morvána


As Aldawen's name is Quenya it seems most likely that she was a descendant of the Noldor of Eregion, many of whom found shelter in Lothlórien.However at the time most exilic Noldor had adopted Sindarin names and language, or her family was particularly conservative.


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