Oldest of the six Aivathiuda tribes, the Alciswardias (Rh."Elk-Guardians" or later Éo."Eolweardas") held the easternmost and northernmost of all Aivathiuda lands, those that stretched along the Celduin and extended as far as the foothills of the Eastern Hills.The westernmost Alciswardias pastures bordered Greenwood's East Bight.Their greatest chief was Thiudareik, an old and very deaf Hauhthegna.His son Thiudamari (b. 1606), formerly a captain in the cavalry of Gondor, was the effective leader after the Great Plague.Truly gigantic and an awesome warrior, he dominated the tribe by the force of his personality, his personal strength, and his military genius.This tribe was composed of 10 clans and numbered about a thousand fighting men in all.


revised spellings:

  • Ailgarthas - Alciswardias
  • Eothraim - Aivathiuda
  • Huithyn - Hauhthiu
  • Thiudarik - Thiudareik
  • Thiudimer - Thiudamari
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