A Dúnadan Alchemist

(Q."Ermavirnë")  refers to the practice of transforming Metals and creating Elixirs, Potions and new substances.In Middle-Earth the Lore of Metals was especially tended by the disciples of Aule and the great Artisans of the Noldor and the Dwarves but also the Númenóreans and Orcs had a wide knowledge in these fields which was handed down to them by their Eldar or Demon Teachers.From the High Men and Orcs watered down knowledge came to the Lesser Men.Knowledge of Elixirs and Potions had also been traded to men by Elves and become the subject of various Loremasters from Healers and Scientists to Poisoners, Sorcerers and tribal Shamans.Alchemy may be seen as a category of Magic.


Alchemists of renown

Alchemy in Roleplaying

ROLEMASTER knows several Alchemist professions among them Dwarven Alchemist,Evil Alchemist,Inorganic Alchemist, Organic Alchemist, Royal Alchemist and Shaman Alchemist.

Examples for Alchemists in Middle-Earth

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