The Aivathiuda (Rh."Horse-people") were early ancestors of the Éothéod and Rohirrim.Most of the tribes of the Aivathiuda, the Alciswardias or Alcisgairus, Berilas, Anthars, Gadrauhts, Aivadiurias, Marhungs, Paidareiks and Waldandungs later became the Éothrym.


Here Aivathiuda, a latinized meso-gothic spelling, is used for the people of Vidugavia's days, to represent later times anglo-saxon forms like Éothéod or Éothrym are used.

The MERP Mirkwood and Riders of Rohan Soucebooks give the clan's names as Ailgarthas, Ailgras, , Beorills, Anthars, Gadraughts, Eoadars, Mahrlings, Padaruiks, Waildungs, a mix of modified anglo-saxon and gothic forms.

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