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The Aivathiuda (Rh. "Horse-people") were early ancestors of the Éothéod (and thus Rohirrim). Most of the tribes of the Aivathiuda – the Alciswardias or Alcisgairus, Berilas, Anthars, Gadrauhts, Aivadiurias, Marhungs, Paidareiks, Waluhandus and Waldandungs – later became the Éothrym.

Aivathiuda of renown

Bryngertha Fram Frumgar Gifica Gisilhari Gundamari Gundaric Gundobad Hildaric


Here Aivathiuda, a latinized meso-Gothic spelling, is used for the people of Vidugavia's days, while to represent later times Anglo-Saxon forms like Éothéod or Éothrym are used.

The MERP Mirkwood and Riders of Rohan source-books give the clans' names as Ailgarthas, Ailgras, Beorills, Anthars, Gadraughts, Eoadars, Mahrlings, Padaruiks, and Waildungs, a mix of modified Anglo-Saxon and Gothic forms.

The Inlandsea Module also mentions a tribe called "Waluslahandona" = Waluhandus

LOTRO uses the form "Ai thúda" a wrong or strangely anglicised spelling of Gothic Aivathiuda.


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