The Aivadiurias (Old. Rh. "those beloved by Horses" or later éo. "Éodéoras") occupied the Southwestern part of the Wilderland plains.Their territory bordered on Dagorlad and was within sight of Mordor's Ash Mountains.Least numerous of all the Aivathiuda tribes, they were also the best horsemen, winning races far out of proportion to their number.The five small Aivadiurias clans produced only 300 warriors, but they all could ride as smoothly as the wind flows across a sea of grass.Young men of the other tribes often visited their rather poor pastures to learn their training methods.Wakila (b . 1619 ) was their noblest Hauhthegna, having twice won the King's Cup of Gondor.His three victories in the Northmen's Race of Champions proclaimed him as the finest rider of his day.The Aivadiurias awoke before dawn, for the skies above their land were often clouded by dark mists from Mordor to the south.Their sunrise often stirred with a slow wash of reddish-violet light, a false-dawn that (especially in winter) began an hour before the sun came up.Sunset, on the other hand, was almost always preceded by a long and gradual twilight that slowly filled the land with shadows.


Revised Spellings:

  • Eoadars -Aivadiurias
  • Eothraim -Aivathiuda
  • Huithyn -Hauhthegna
  • Waccho - Wakila
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