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Vital statistics
Other name(s) N/A
Title(s) Thenga
Gender Male
Race Northmen
Faction(s) Kiusathiuda clan
Dates active fl. T.A. 1640-1650
Location(s) Dale
Language(s) Old Rhovanian

In 1650 TA the Lord of Dale, Aivadiuria (O Rh. "Horse-worth"), was actually a Northman chieftain whose bloodline could be traced to the ancient Adan house of Bëor (Rh. "Vassal"). His position was hereditary, but an advisory body composed of old fighters drawn from the local clans acted as a check to his power.
Aivadiuria's position as "Thegna" had been challenged by Gauthafrithulein, the leader of the Aldung clan, a fierce young female mystic who was credited with the slaying of a Cold-drake which threatened her family's Fergunia in T.A. 1629. Aivadiuria claimed that the Aldungs were actually worshippers of some perverse "Darkness." This claim was quite suspect, for Gautha's clan embraced most of the healers found in the Dale area and was known for its "good works." In actuality, Aivadiuria had been misled by his beloved wife Saulwinna, who was jealous of Gautha. Saulwinna's clan, the Dalathiuda, also healed folk, but choose to use a peculiar form of magic. Their claim that Aldungs could be construed as "children of an ancient darkness" was based on their need to hide their own allegiance to the Dark Lord. Perhaps unfortunately, Aivadiuria's powerful Kiusathiuda clan (an Adan group) seemed to favor the Dalathiuda rumors.


Original form in MERP: Eoder → Aivadiuria


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