The Aithaberos were a high ranking members of the order of the Bero who acted as an advisors to the Waldanbero, the Aithaberos formed a council of three.


Original Word: "Orobair". Like all old rhovanian languages Attastungo, the tongue of the Men of the misty mountains is represented by latinized gothic.However the term Orobair seems obscure.bair seems to stem from the verb bairan (to bear) a gothic word for the bear is unattested but would have been *bero.The Oro Element might be derived from anglo-saxon or (very) or Middle-english or ("Other"), in this case the later beorning (anglo-saxon) word could be Orbeorn.The corrected Old Rhovanian (Latinized Gothic) Spelling could be "Aithabero" or "Audobero".


  • Beornings and Woodmen (Essay), by Anna Arquette 1995, originally conceived as a contribution to Rohirrim and Other Northmen, a projected volume in ICE's "Peoples of Middle-earth" series which never reached completion.
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