Ailios was a Noldo of the House of the Hundred Chimneys in Tavrobel and one of the oldest Elves on Tol Eressëa.

Ailios was ancient.He was born at Cuivienen and was a friend of Maryarossë Tatayondo whose son Finwë Ñoldóran he followed into the Immortal Lands.In Aman Ailios became a loyal retainer of Finwë at Tirion upon Túna, but after Finwes death he became embittered and chose to follow Fëanor back to Beleriand.After Feanors death Ailios stayed uttermost loyal to his sons whom he served as an elder advisor.Due to his involvement in three Kinslayings Ailios was never again allowed to return to Valinor and even after the ban on the Exiles had been lifted he had to stay on Tol Eressëa, in sight but removed from the Valar and the Falmari. Ailios became a great historian and Loremaster, but always stayed bitter and felt he had been cheated by fate.


Ailios was later replaced by Gilfanon however it is not entirely clear if Ailios was just an older Name for Gilfanon or was originally intended to be a different character.

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