was the Eastern Regent of Gondor appointed by King Tarondor. A veteran of Harad Wars he had a decisive manner and was occasionally ruthless, paving the way for more than a few of Gondor’s victories.Aicawë did not have much administrative experience and preferred being in command of Gondor’s Roqueni (Knights) over adminstrative matters.In private times with his wife, he was given to quiet bouts of grief and longing which often lasted for days, having lost 3 of 4 sons in the last 6 years.Aicawë had vowed to exterminate the Asdriag-Easterling tribes who slew his sister just two years previous. Unfortunately, this driving hatred of the Asdriag and rash raids upon the tribe had caused less policing of the Men Morannon leading from Dol Guldur to the gates of Mordor, and the Orcs and Trolls had an easier transit to Mordor than King Tarondor hoped for.

Aicawë stood 6’7” and was strong of build. Called handsome by others even with battle scars, he vainly agreed. He was pleasantly imposing by being gregarious, bolstered by a dry wit and dedicated sense of humor. His men found him likable.Aicawë favored clothing of a deep green hue and equipped a "greenish" chain mail and green sword. He scoffed at too frequent a use of a warrior's protective covering as the weight and heat botherered him.


Original form in MERP:Vagaig


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