Aharian Lord

The Ahar (Ah."Maker-folk") were a group of peoples in Central Middle-earth of the Second Age.They descended from the early men of Hildorien and were part of the survivors of the Battle of Palisor.Their Name survived in the Region of Kargagis Ahar and the tribal confederation known as the Kul Ahar.The Ahar-Tradition of the Otyassi also contributed to the Odhriag-People and the Relerin. The Ahar spoke a language or a collection of tribal dialects known as Aharian.


Aharian influenced Realms:

Aharian Wordlist:

  • Agúl -wilderness, outback
  • Amú - river valley
  • Baya -place
  • Bóga -place
  • Bôgu -holy
  • Cáne -building
  • Gabay -haven, port
  • Kêba -river-bay
  • Kôli -river basin
  • Kôpir -bridge
  • Kót -village
  • Naiu -river
  • Nîama -boat
  • Núnu - master
  • Ótu - tent
  • Sâru -walled dwelling
  • Sîbi -house
  • Têmu -raft


The Aharin languages, made up the the ICE Authors, were spoken mainly in East Central Middle-Earth and are loosely based on Altaic vocabulary.

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