• Aglarond1

    The upper Caves of Aglarond


    The Cellars of Helm's Deep

    Type: Caverns
  • Inhabitants: TA 1650:  Gondorians, Dúnedain; TA 3919:  Rohirrim
  • Population: 20 
  • Origin: First used as a refuge by Númenóreans SA 3331
  • Purpose: Refuge and store house fo the garrison at Ostiras.

A system of extensive caverns in the northern slopes of the White Mountains. An untapped wealth of gems here serves as an emergency financial reserve for Gondor's Kings.

Places of Note:


Entrance and Storage cabes


Battlesite at the entrance to the Glittering Caves

  • Glittering Caves proper
    • Central Caves
      • Central Grotto
      • Guardroom
      • Military Caves
        • Dern-Deeper Quarters
        • Fastweards Quarters
        • Master's Office
        • The Mess
      • Pens
      • Refuge Caverns
      • Store-Rooms
    • Eastern Grotto
    • Upper Caves
    • Western Grotto
    • The Deep Caves
      • Endoron's Burial Site
      • Glittering Tunnels
      • Helm's Door
    • The Horn's End
    • The Hours of the Gap
    • The Vale's Edge


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