Agburanar (known as "Hrimil" to the Northmen)

Son of Gayiel, was a black Cold-drake who resided at the Caves of Ûlund in spur of Grey Mountains tens miles north of the Withered Heath of the eastern Grey Mountains (S. "Ered Mithrin"). Although he had slain the Dwarf-lord Fain and later slaughtered a small band of Snow-trolls who challenged him for Fáin's hoard, he was a relatively shy beast who favored Goat and Bear meat.


The ICE Canon made Agburanar the child of Balcheneb, a nephew of Glaurungs. As Tolkien stated that only two dragons (seemingly one Cold Drake and one Fire Drake) had survived the war of Wrath and became the ancestors of all later Dragons, this could imply that Balchenebs son Agburanar may have been one of these two Drakes (the other one might have been Utumkodur or, though less likely, Ruingurth).


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