Lus (S. "Aechereg", Q. "Sercaica") or Lissis was a poisonous, low, gorse-like shrub that produced mauve flowers in early spring.It grew Along the edges of temperate forests, such as those found in Eriador where it was common to be found.

If crushed, mixed with water and boiled down to a thick paste, lus flowers became a potent contact poison.By chance the victim either dies within a few minutes, slipped into a coma and was blinded; in either or both eyes or temporarily blinded for 1-4 days. The only known antidote was a mixture of atigax, klagul, megilloth and aldaka (which restored sight, removed the victim from a coma or reversed the effect of the poison if given within the first 10-20 seconds). The pink poison was easily discernible when applied to the edge of a blade.

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