Keep in mind that most "adventure modules" can be adapted to any RPG game system, and are usually somewhat flexible as to game setting (both time and place).

LotRRPG Adventures

All of the adventures listed below are designed for the LotRRPG game system. For convenience, the files are posted here, since the original web site is defunct. Simply left-click on the link to go to the file page, then left-click on the icon (or file name) to open or save the PDF.

Title Setting Location Setting Date Author Published Via File Link
Rescue on the Barrow Downs Eriador, Bree, Barrow Downs T.A. 2941 Neal Hyde Hall of Fire #13 Hall of Fire #13
LOR1 Dragon's Ring Chronicle Rhovanion: Lake Town; Celduin; Southern Mirkwood T.A. 2944 John Davis ? File:LOR1 DragonsRingChronicle.pdf
LOR2 The Sword and The Stone Rhovanion: Lake Town; Dor Rhûnen: Dagorlad, Dead Marshes; Iron Hills T.A. 2944/5 John Davis? ? File:LOR2 sword and stone chronicle.pdf
LOR3 Of Ports, Of Sprits, and a Sea of Rúm Rhovanion: Lake Town; Rhûn: Sea of Rhûn T.A. 2946 John Davis? ? File:LOR3 Of Ports, Spirits and a Sea of Rum.pdf
LOR4 Three Rings of Orthanc Isengard; Eriador: Dunland, Hollin (ruins of Ost-in-Edhil) T.A. 2951 John Davis? ? File:LOR4 Three Rings Of Orthanc.pdf
LOR5 A Thousand Years of War Rhovanion: Rhosgobel, Mirkwood, Vales of Anduin; Misty Mountains; Eriador: Rivendell T.A. 2975 John Davis? ? File:LOR5 AThousandYearsOfWar.pdf
†SCA1 The Ruins of Barad Cam Eriador: Rhudaur ? Original author: Andy Warner; Revision: ? ? File:SCA1 The Ruins of Barad Cam.pdf
SCA2 The Spoiling of The Mansion of Iaur Rhovanion: Lake Town, Rhûn T.A. Post 2944, Pre-2953 ? ? File:SCA2 The Spoiling of The Mansion of Iaur.pdf
SCA3 Trolls, Treason and Treasure Rhovanion: Iron Hills TA 2941-2980 ? ? File:SCA3 Trolls, Treason and Treasure.pdf
SCA4 The Hollin Horror Eriador: Hollin T.A. after 2951, before 2953 ? ? File:SCA4 The Horror of Hollin.pdf
SCA5 A Time of Dwimmerlaiks Rohan ca. T.A. 2950 ? ? File:SCA5 A Time of Dwimmerlaik.pdf

†An adaptation of the MERP adventure Race the Devil (see below).

MERP Adventures

Myth of the Teregond Cover Art

All of the adventures listed below are designed for the MERP game system. Some of these adventures (plus many more, including several extended campaigns) were developed and/or are available through the Yahoo MERP fan-modules site, now located at: MERP Fan Modules. Registration is free and is required to access the files.

Other links are provided, where possible, to the original source or to a legitimate archive.

Name Setting Time Frame Author Published Via Weblink
A Cause of Death Eriadoran Coast, Ruaival Island T.A. ca. 1640? Jon Sutherland & Simon Farrell Adventurer magazine 05 Adventurer Magazine #5 (archived)
A Dog's Life Eriador, Cardolan, Tharbad T.A.861-1975 Sam Daish Other Hands Magazine Other Hands Magazine #15/16
Anduin Vale Spirit, The Rhovanion, Upper Anduin Vales Third Age any Richard Flunker, Mark Owen MERP Fan Modules Other
Appearances I - The Anduin Vale Spirit† Rhovanion, Anduin Undeeps T.A. 1640 Michael Cole MERP Fan Modules
Appearances II - The Pride of Calenardhon Gondor, Calenardhon T.A. 1640 Michael Cole MERP Fan Modules
Appearances III - The Echoes of Vamag Near Harad, Umbar T.A. 1640 Michael Cole MERP Fan Modules
A Secret Wish Eriador or Wilderland T.A. 1640? Graham Staplehurst White Dwarf #77  
Banks of the Northern Anduin Rhovanion, Upper Anduin Vales T.A. 1640 Johannes Lomborg MERP Fan Modules Banks Northern
Broken Covenant Eriador, Arthedain; Rhudaur (Oiolad) T.A. 1640 Brian McNeilly Other Hands Magazine Other Hands Magazine #21
Cattle That Disappeared, The Eriador, Arthedain, Bree-land - - MERP Fan Modules Other
Caves of the King Eriador, Rhudaur, Trollshaws Third Age before T.A. 1600 - MERP Fan Modules
Cocoon Rohan early Fourth Age D. Michaels Adventurer (Issue 8 - Mar 1987) Adventurer Magazine #8 (archived)
Darkness Over Eriador Eriador, Bree-land; Weathertop before T.A. 2270 Nick Edwards Adventurer Magazine #11 Adventurer Magazine #11 (archived)
Dawn of Unlight Rhovanion, Mirkwood TA 1640? Graham Staplehurst White Dwarf #64  
Death on the Wing Numeriador - Joe Mandala Guild Companion Death on the Wing
Evil in House Aludor, The Gondor, Harithilien - Daniel M Myers MERP Fan Modules The evil in House Aludor.docx
Evil in House Aludor (Revised Edition), The Gondor, Harithilien T.A. 1640 Daniel M Myers, VJ Schiavoni MERP Fan Modules The Evil in House Aludor (Revised Edition).pdf
Family Business Gondor, Lamedon Sometime in the Third Age Martin Rundkvist Other Hands Magazine Other Hands Magazine #9
Flooded Mines of Belegost Ered Luin, Nan-i-Naugrim early Fourth Age Eric Womble MERP Fan Modules Flooded Mines of Belegost.pdf
Forge of the Petty-dwarves, The Eriador, Rhudaur T.A. 1638 Juan Francisco Cucharero Cabezas MERP Fan Modules Forge of the Petty Dwarves Upload.doc
Forodrith Forodwaith (Land) - Daniel M Myers The Guild Companion The Guild Companion: Forodrith
Gold of the Ered Luin Ered Luin   Unknown Ravenhorst Fanzine  
Healing Tree, The Rhovanion, Southern Mirkwood T.A. 1000 - end Terry K. Amthor Iron Crown Quarterly #2  
Die Hobbits von Langgrund (Hobbits of Longbottom) Eriador, Arthedain, the Shire, Longbottom T.A. ca.3018 Peter Eisenschmidt; Alexander Huiskes; Peter Litkes Nautilus 14
Iffgûld's Keep Eriador, Rhudaur, Ettenmoors T.A. ca. 1640? Jessica M. Ney Adventurers Club (Issue 8 - Fall 1986)  
Knights of Eärendur, The Eriador: Arthedain, Cardolan, Rhudaur T.A.1409 Eric Dubourg Other Hands Magazine Other Hands Magazine #23
Legacy of Calimendil, The Eriador: Rhudaur/Cardolan T.A.1643 Torquil Gault Other Hands Magazine Other Hands Magazine #8
Legend of Troggha's Tower, The Gondor, Ered Nimrais T.A. 1636-37 John David Ruemmler Game News #4  
Legend of Zagoth, The Eriador, Rhudaur, Trollshaws T.A. ca. 1640? Steve Fellows Adventurers Club #11  
Letters from a Foreign Land Gondor, Ered Nimrais, Mierach T.A. 1640? Graham Staplehurst White Dwarf (Issue 93 - Sep 1987)  
Mind's Eye, The Eriador, Rhudaur T.A. 1640 Anthony Maletta MERP Fan Modules Mind's Eye Mind's Eye
Mystery of the Blessed Child, The Rhovanion, Southwestern Mirkwood T.A. 1635 Jasna Martinovic Other Hands Magazine Other Hands #20
Myth of the Teregond Eriador, Cardolan T.A. 1640 John MacDonald MERP Fan Modules #4005 Myth of the
Northern Monition Lindon (Realm) T.A. 3014-3016 Rasmus Hansson MERP Fan Modules Northern Monition.pdf
Race the Devil Eriador, Rhudaur, Angle (Rhudaur) T.A. 1990/1991 Andy Warner Seeking Solis MERP Adventures
Raid on Barluin Eriador, Arthedain, Númeriador T.A. ca.1640? Stephen Fellows Adventurers Club #12  
Road Less Travelled, The Eriador, Bree-land T.A. 1985 Andy Warner Seeking Solis MERP Adventures
Snow and Subterfuge Eriador, Rhudaur, Last Inn T.A. 1984 Andy Warner Seeking Solis MERP Adventures
Spire, The Southern Misty Mountains, The Spire Any after T.A. 1881 EJ Womble MERP Fan Modules Other
Star Spray Gondor, Bay of Belfalas T.A. ca.1640? Graham Staplehurst White Dwarf #73  
Stolen Steed of the Sovereign Rohan, Edoras early Fourth Age Jorge Quinonez Adventurers Club (Issue 11 - Fall 1987)  
Stolen Sword, The Númeriador T.A. 1640 Jessica M. Ney Adventurers Club #9  
Taurëfantô Southern Rhovanion Early Fourth Age Graham Staplehurst White Dwarf #87  
To Live Forever Gondor OR Cardolan T.A. 1640 V.J. Schiavoni MERP Fan Modules MERP Adventures
Tomb of the Fallen Dúnadan King, The     Andreas Lindholm MERP Fan Modules Tomb of the Fallen Dunedain King.pdf
Tyr-fira Misty Mountains, near Rivendell Some time in the late Third Age - MERP Fan Modules Other
Where There's A Will There's A Way Misty Mountains, Moria Fourth Age 194 ? MERP Fan Modules Where There's A Will There's A
Withdrawn to Mordor Mordor: Barad-wath, Barad Ungol TA 3019 shortly after Sauron's fall Steven Hess GeoCities (self-published) Withdrawn to Mordor (OOCities archive)
Zirifair's Sorcery Gondor, Minas Anor T.A. 1636-37 Jessica M. Ney Adventurers Club #10  

†A complete re-write and expansion of The Anduin Vale Spirit

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