The northwestern area of the Westmarch that followed the Angren to the convergence of the Adorn, was very lightly populated and was (in the years about T.A. 1640) ruled strangely enough, by three relatively young men, Reaslos, Glëan and Camdin.These three were adventurers in the South and in Calenardhon, who happened to fall into circumstances that enabled them to help the king’s family personally.To reward them for their services he gave them this area of land for their own, along with an old border watch tower.Now, they were actively trying to figure out how to govern, and secretly wishing they could drop the whole thing and go off wandering in search of new thrills.Mercifully the people they were supposed to be governing were few and very patient.They considered the three their pet rulers and treated them like adopted sons, for the most part.The adventurers were basically good men (albeit greedy at times) and felt responsible for the peoples safety, so , no real strife had occurred between themselves and the people, as of yet.In fact, the three havd standing dinner engagements at the house of a local rancher whose wife worried about them not eating right.They had fixed up the tower in the two years that they had been there and it served as their home as well as garrison for the ten men they had as retainers and servants.


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