Adrador (Ad. ?) (T.A. 2060 - T.A. 2206) was eldest son of Galador, and the older brother of Gilion, Tinwen, and Silorel. Ruling Dol Amroth for 74 years as the second Prince, Adrador continued the works of strengthening and beautifying that his father began, including the construction of the port-town of Sarlond which was close to the Mouths of the Anduin, where he would often remove to during the summer to watch the waves wash upon the shore and up the rivers. His rule was during the beginning of the Watchful Peace, and little trouble was offered to Gondor. Of all the Princes, he is told to be the most scholarly man ever, conserving much lore of his ancestors and of Westernesse, and was the one who sent messages to Lothlórien, speaking of the perceived doom of Amroth and Nimrodel.


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