The Adena (A."Natives", "Relatives") people formed a major ethnic group in Khâradûnê, Elorna and Zimrathâni, they were stated to be primarily an ‘urban’ people or ‘settled’ farmers); the more more ‘primitive’ Adena as found mostly in Elorna were also known as the ‘Elornan’. Cosmopolitan in many ways they appeared to be also deeply traditional and conservative, with restricted marriage options and morally reserved.


The Adena and Sederi were descendants of the second Age Mayitû-culture.


The Adena openly worshiped spirits associated with the union between earth and water, which connects life and fertility. Serpents dominated their pantheon, and the winged serpent served as their most illustrous diety. The horned serpent, the spirit of conception and birth, was the most beloved Aden god, while the sea-serpent was feared for its association with rain and storms.


The Adena-Culture is thought to be influenced by the African Hausa-people. Also "Adena" may be derived from the Hausa-word‘dhan’ = ‘son, relative, native’].


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