"We were told by such rustic loremasters as might be found in the western provinces that Adavalinda meant "Village by the River" in the Daenael tongue spoken of old by the Men of Ered Nimrais. This assertion we deem to be true, for in the work of Lamhir the Wise it is regarded that ada meant "river" in that ancient speech, being also the first element in the name of the river Adorn, north of the White Mountains nigh to the land of the Dunlendings." -Findegil

Adavalinda was a village locate d on the eastern bank of the Lefnui , seventy-five miles upriver from the bridge at Annulond. The Len Lefnui passed through Adavalinda as it turned overland to the nearest settlement of Annon Wain , some sixty miles to the north-east - Situated opposite the confluence of the Rámanen and the Lefnui, the village served as a staging point for travelers seeking to cross the White Mountains by the Cirith Iaur, forty miles north-west of the settlement's ferry.Beyond Adavalinda, the Lefnui was navigable only by flat-bottomed boats .

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