A Journeyman Juggler

An Acrobat is a person trained in acrobatics and tricks, a Juggler, Sword-Thrower, equilibrist, Performer, Dancer, artiste or even Fool, Clown or Impostor.

Acrobats of Renown



Rolemaster has some similar professions as the Dancer, the Gypsy, the Charlatan,the Sword-Thrower and the Illusionist.


In MERP the Guild of the Journeymen Jugglers is the most influential Juggler´s guild in the Westlands it´s seat is the Juggler´s Hall in Calenardhon.Aside from Jugglers also Strolling Actors and Haruze Jesters are described in the MERP Books.

Possible Acrobat or Juggler Characters

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