Also called Father of the Morning Sea, was a neutral Maia who dwelt in the Bay of Forochel. He wandered this area in the form of a giant humpback whale, twice the size of a normal adult of that species. He would also take a water-form and had total control over his body temperature--appearing as steamy vapor or a block of ice. He would attack whale poachers, and was usually good to anyone unless they were poaching his whale friends. Aamumeren Isa would save drowning good individuals depending on how he liked them.

Merimetsästäjat worshiped the maia although their people had been killed by the maia.


Aamumeren Isa is a 35th Level Animist, and is ICE/MERP's version of Moby Dick. He is super strong having a ST of 130 and uses Open and Closed Channeling  with Animist lists to 25th level. 

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