The Collusion of the Ûsrievar were an Easterling confederacy of the early fourth age that became the main rival of the expanding Reunited Kingdom along it´s eastern borders.Most of the Ûsrievar were descendants of the Variag, Igath, Nûriag and Núrniag

Supposed Ûsrievar

Brûdhan Itana Ovon Khôragan Vacros


The Ûsrievar were probably descendants or identical with the tribal coalition formed by Vacros shortly after the war of the ring under the secret influence of Alatar.They may be to the largest part remnants of Sauron´s great eastern Army and the Order of Dragon-Knights.Early leaders of these Ûsrievar may have been Khoragan and Brudhan and other characters who appear in the A new shadow and return of the shadow MODs of Middle-Earth -Total War.


Original form in MEPBM:Usrievrim = Ûsrievar


  • MEBPM fourth Age scenario
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