Ûlkarkaen (sgl. "Ûlkark") were large, red, centipede-like creatures that moved in hordes across the dense forests of southeastern Endor. Nocturnal creatures, they fed on rotting vegetation, insects, carrion, and (occasionally) live prey. They were extremely quick and were capable of scaling trees and swimming across placid water. Like ants, they operated in rigidly-defined social groups, if necessary swarming to defend their lairs. Ûlkarkaen generally resided in rotting logs.

Most of the so-called "Ugly tooth-rows" were harmless to the Children of Illuvatar; however, the "warriors" that comprised about twenty percent of any colony would attack virtually anything and anyone. Immobilized or sleeping folk needed be careful around these creatures. Armed with powerful 2-3 inch mandibles and a mild nerve venom, a group of Warrior Ûlkarkaen could slay and clean a Man in a matter of minutes.


original form: Ulcercain = S. Ulcercai ? = PQ. Ulugkaraki ? = SE Av. Ûlkarkaen

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