Born into the royal court of the Avar Elf-queen Dardariann, Ûlgarin (Av."Demon-posessed-crowned-one" ;PQ."Úlugharyariknâ") spent her childhood splashing in the island surf, running races in the tiled halls of the palace, and watching the sun rise over the Eastern Ocean. She paid little heed to the political realities surrounding her until the Queen ordered Ûlgarin's mother put to death by the ancient method, gwaen-en-wiroithe (Av."pressing for treachery"). The Lady of the Prith-an-Iryst (Av."Tower of the Rainbow") lay down beneath a board of polished thornwood and stones were placed on top of it, one by one, to crush her. Ûlgarin's allegiances shifted rapidly. She began to master the ways of channeling while learning and remem- bering the views held by all the nobles of Dardariann's court. Sometimes she would use her growing powers and increasing knowledge to crush an enemy or change a royal decree, but more often she merely observed events with- out meddling, knowing that her time would come. When Dardariann formed an alliance between her realm, Khelkeneni, and the Wômaw kingdom ruled by Komûl (later Khamûl the Easterling), the Queen commanded Ûlgarin to create a secret order to influence the Wômaw-people in the ways of Annatar. The Half-elf founded the Belaen-an-Voryl (W."Sunsdeath from Hunger") and frequently traveled to the lands where her disciples spoke of "Taninîl", the "Friend of Man." When Komûl's Hiona revolted, placing his cousin Aôn upon the throne, and the Nazgûl departed for the Land of Shadows, Ûlgarin remained in the East. Although the Wômaw had escaped the direct rule of Shadow, they could yet be swayed by the deceits and bribes of her priests. Across the centuries of the Second Age, Ûlgarin ,now corrupted by Annatar,taught the tenets of evil to the inhabitants of Móak, Kûiwak Wômaw, Wôrn Shryak, and Góak. The tides of darkness ebbed and flowed, but always the Free Peoples faced an adversary. The high-priest won her reward. When Angmar rose in the west, the Dark Lord called Ûlgarin to a new position within the Witch-king's hierarchy. Under the direction of the Ongûlûn, she would continue her work on a larger scale. All the lands of the East, not merely it's furthest penninsula, would receive the Half-elf's atten- tion. Her priests now travelled the forests of Aegân, the foothills of Unwîrnay, the plains of Kargágis Ahar and Kykûrian Kyn, and all of Middle-Earth, spying on, intimidating, and manipulating the peoples of these regions.


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