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Úri the scarred

Barin the scarred (S."Remembrance of home") as he was known to the Elves of Beleriand and later called Úri (Q."Sun"; Del."Hot one") was the Father of the Fourth House of the Naugrim, the Firebeards.With the People of his friend Dwalin the Wise he and his people awoke in the Blue Mountains (S. "Ered Luin") in the First Age. There, to the east of Beleriand, he founded the city of Nogrod (K. "Tumunzahar").Úri's son Naugladur died battling the Sindar and Onodrim at the Battle of Sarn Athrad. His great-nephew Thrur became third King of Barin's Folk.

the Seven ÚrisEdit

  • Úri I the scarred - awoke in the northern Ered Luin along with Dwálin the wise. He was the father of Naugladur who died in the battle of Sarn Athrad
  • Úri II the cold - ruled about SA 3420 but refused to participate in the War of the Last Alliance. The wounds between the elves of Doriath and the dwarfs of Nogrod were still fresh and Uri refused his house to fight.
  • Úri III the Kind - ruled about TA 1650 and renewed ties with the Elves of Lindon and settled down their peoples ancient conflict.
  • Úri IV - Lived during TA 2570, and was slain in the conflict with the dragons. Kuri would take up Uri's position as lord of the Firebeards, and his ring.
  • Úri V - Lived around TA 2700s, he participated in the War of the Dwarves and Orcs he added his houses might to Thrain II's own.
  • Úri VI - Born TA 2910, Uri remembered the vast friendship of Durin's Folk and how his people failed to fight in the most important wars of the ages. He decided to join Balin on his quest to reclaim Moria but wandered to deep. He and his warriors were slain by the Balrog of Moria and a host of Goblins, what troops remained fled out of Moria and back to the Blue Mountains.
  • Úri VII - He would reawaken with the last of his fellow Dwarf lords in the Fourth Age. The king of the Firebeards realized he was the last of Uri's line when he and his people marched with Durin VII to reclaim Moria. Uri's items were found and Uri VII was proclaimed as the king of the Firebeards.


  • Alberech


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