Ôrine was born Anoril, a wood elf girl from a small community in Mirkwood. She was marked at birth as one who could weave the songs of magic. She studied under the seer Indossa, in Thranduil's halls. But Anoril came to want more: more lore, more knowledge, more power. Soon she was travelling throughout Wilderland, searching for answers to the questions that drove her. That was when Sauron the Necromancer found her, and took her to Dol Guldur. She learned sorcery from the Nazgul and she was then sent on her first mission: to infiltrate the home of Huinen the Seer and discover the true nature of the ancient Noldo.

But something happened. Ôrine never returned to Dol Guldur and never returned to her home in Thranduil's hall. What befell her in the home of the Seer is unknown, though some said that she died, at the last, defending the fortress from the orcs of Dol Guldur.


Original name in MERP:Arien


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