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Éowyn II, named after Éowyn I, was Rohirric Shield-maiden and later a Healer of Rohan. She was the eldest child of Éomund and Théodwyn of Rohan. She was born at Edoras in T.A. 2995, the niece of King Théoden Ednew. When her father died fighting Orcs in T.A. 3002 and her mother passed later the same year, Eowyn's uncle adopted her and her younger brother, Eomer.

Eowyn's beauty, talent, courage, and passion for discovery rivaled those of any of Eru's children and, although her life in Theoden's court was often splendid, she longed for adventure and chafed in the male-oriented atmosphere of the Riddermark. When Grima Wormtongue insinuated himself in the royal household in Edoras and attempted to take her hand in marriage, she retreated into a depression and took on a haughty, cold demeanor that belied her inner warmth. Gandalf rescued Theoden's Court for disaster, however, and Eowyn recovered from despair in time to participate in the War of the Ring.

During the War, Eowyn found it difficult to sit idly by like other Rohir women. Her emotions ran too deep and, when she met Aragorn, she fell in love, at least in part because of the circumstances of the conflict and the power that the Ranger held over the fate of her cause. Aragom's departure into the Paths of the Dead terrified her, particularly because she could not accompany him on the dangerous subterranean journey. Refused any option to aid the man she loved, or fight on behalf of her people, Eowyn assumed a disguise as the male warrior Dernhelm.

As Dernhelm, Eowyn rode with King Theoden into Gondor and to combat at Pelennor Fields. She took part in the fateful charge against the Orcs and Haradrim that culminated in Theoden's confrontation with the Witch-king, and watched as the Lord of the Nazgul slew her adopted father. Eowyn revealed her identity and challenged the Chieftain of the Fell Riders to single combat. The awful Wraith-king scoffed at her, but Eowyn fulfilled the prophecy of his doom and avenged her uncle's death by slaying the Lord of the Ringwraiths and his Fell Beast. Eowyn fell prey to the Black Breath soon after killing the Nazgul, but Aragorn healed her. The illness brought a change in her heart, and her love turned from Aragorn to Faramir (who was also recovering from the Ringwraith's curse). After the War of the Ring ended, she wed Faramir, who called her the White Lady of Rohan because of her golden hair and pale skin. Thus, Eowyn became the Lady of Ithilien.


  • Éowyn's Shield
  • Theodred's Sword
  • Hauberk of Rohan
  • Rohirrim Helm
  • Rohirrim Javelin
  • Rohirrim Shield