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Éothéodan, also known as Rohirric or simply Rohan, was the native language of the Rohirrim, their Éothéod ancestors, and close kinsmen such as the Beornings.


Untranslated ("genuine") words

  • -ac, -rac = kind, type
  • dûkan = builders? burrowers?
  • grad = mark, land, realm
  • kûd-dûkan (kuduk) = hole-builders, i.e.: Hobbits, Halflings
  • kûd = hole?
  • lô-/loh- = horse
  • tûr = people

Outer information

Due to its close similarity to archaic Westron (which is represented by modern day or archaic English), Rohirric is mostly translated into modified real-world Old English (also known as Anglo-Saxon).However he does not use the standard wessex dialect but rather a modernized/modified version of old mercian (Which for example simplifies spellings: Elfwine instead of "Ælfwine", Saruman instead of "Searumonn", Galmod instead of "Gálmód" etc. Or modified anglo-saxon mixed with modern english: Shadowfax instead of "Sceadufæx",Firienwood instead of "Fyrgenwudu", "Wose" instead of "(Wudu-) Wasa" etc.).