Áriën the Maiden of Sunlight


Time Period
Elder Days - 1st Year of the Sun (Apotheosis)
None (But the other Fire Spirits are sometimes called her brothers and Sisters)
None (But Melkor,Tilion and Eönwë were said to have been unlucky in love with her)
None (N) = non-canon

Arien was a servant of Vána, the youngest, yet most powerful, of Fire Spirits. Unlike most of her peers (i.e., those who became the Balrogs), she resisted Morgoth's deception and had remained true to Eru and her mistress.



In the earliest days Arien tended the golden flowers in Vána's gardens, along with the other beings and youths of her household. She was fascinated by the flower’s golden color, their ever-growing nature, and their natural, unspoiled beauty—a features which seemed to exemplify her own essence—and she carefidly watered them with the nourishing dew from the great tree Laurelin (Golden Tree). Arien's devotion to the Tree of Gold and Vana's precious flowers gave them divine strength and regenerative power that renewed and energized the air of Valinor, and it also channeled her inner wildness. With the death of the Golden Tree at the hands of Morgoth and Ungoliant, Arien grieved long. Sorrow wounded her, but she stayed with her task, knowing that her care was critical lest the garden wither, and not realizing that her greatest mission lay ahead. The last fruit of the Golden Tree was saved by Yavanna and the Smith Aule made a vessel to hold its light. Blessed by Manwe and given power by Varda, the vessel became Anar—the Sun— the golden lamp which the Noldor caded Visa (Q. "Consumet"). Anar was the younger counterpart of Isil, the vessel which held the sdvery light of the last fruit of Telperion (Siver Tree). The Valar selected Arien to guide Anar across the sky. So, the Golden Fire abandoned her bright form and took to the sky to guide the Day Star. Arien's strength is such that she can withstand the trials of the unending mis- sion, and her fiery essence provides her with immunity from the great heat. She can brave any fire.


According to legend Melkor once loved Arien and even promised to make her his Queen,but as she rejected her love Morgoth sent Black demons after the Sun and tried to ravish her. Both Tilion and Eonwe were also said to have been in love with her.


The form Arien adopted in Valinor was that of a beautiful, but tempestuous woman, one whose eyes glew so brightly as to hurt those of the Elves who gazed upon them. Like Tilion, however, Arien rarely adopted a corporeal form. She committed herself long ago to the heavens. She remained there, guiding the Sun's seemingly endless journey.


  • Golden Horn


  • Fire-form — Arien can manipulate her so-called "Fire-form," taking virtually any shape she desires within a 12' x 12' x 12' area. She must concentrate to maintain this fiery fana.


  • Lords of Middle-earth Vol I: The Immortals
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